Eating Pizza While Breastfeeding (How Safe is it and Things To Consider)

The majority of people love to eat pizza, both young and old. It’s just hard to ignore the thought of biting into the crunchy and tasty snack.

But as a breastfeeding mother, you have to be mindful of the types of things you consume.

Eating anything you like without proper consideration is like choosing your cravings above your baby’s health.

As a pizza loyalist and nursing mother, you might have asked whether I could eat pizza while breastfeeding at some point.

Here is a guide to know if it’s okay to eat pizza while breastfeeding.

Pizza while breastfeeding: Everything You Need To Know

As a Breastfeeding mother, you have probably been told how conscious you have to be about the foods you consume so that they do not have any adverse effect on your baby.

A baby’s immune system within the first years of its birth is very delicate and needs all the essential nutrients it can get to become stronger.

These nutrients are primarily contained in the food the mother eats during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and since babies depend on their mothers for food, they get their nutrition from the mother’s breast milk.

Consuming foods that can alter breast milk composition directly impacts the baby’s health. These and many more are the factors that can affect a baby’s growth pattern.

However, if you’re a lover of pizza and have been wondering if it is okay to continue enjoying your snack as a nursing mother, the answer is YES.

A study shows that pizza does not alter the composition of breast milk, meaning eating PPizza will neither make you produce less milk nor change the nutrients present in the milk.

Pizza contains more flour, vegetables, and meat which all contain vital nutrients that support a baby’s development. It is a heavy carb food and, depending on the particular type, includes a lot of protein in the meat and minerals in the vegetables used.

Except in cases of allergic reactions where you may be allergic to gluten, asking the question can I eat pizza while breastfeeding should be a thing of the past from now on.

As much as eating pizza does no harm to your baby, you should be on the lookout for yourself and ensure that you are eating high-value foods since your body needs to be sustained and healed from the rigorous pregnancy journey.

Limit your level of pizza consumption if possible and substitute for foods that aid cell regeneration like eggs, fish, and vegetables.

Is It Safe To Eat Pizza While Breastfeeding?

It is very safe to eat pizza while breastfeeding as mentioned earlier, eating pizza while breastfeeding does not alter the composition of breast milk.

The carbohydrates, protein, day, and vitamins present in the breast will remain constant, and your baby will get them in the required proportion.

However, what might not be safe is substituting your healthy diet for just pizza. While it is safe to eat pizza while breastfeeding, it is not beneficial if you eat more pizza and ignore other healthy meals.

You can include it on your food timetable as a midday snack once or twice a week but making it a main dish offers limited nutrition to your body that is still adjusting from the stress of carrying a child for nine months.

If you’ve noticed the connection between the foods you’ve consumed and your baby’s reaction to them in the past, you should consider eliminating that food from your menu.

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Health Benefits of Eating Pizza While Breastfeeding

Can I eat pizza while breastfeeding? This is typically a question any pizza lover would ask, but aside from satisfying your cravings and filling your tummy, pizza offers very few benefits when consumed.

It is undoubtedly a widely accepted snack due to its taste, but in the real sense, one large pizza size contains about 50 grams of fat, far beyond the fat requirement in a single day.

Fatty foods aren’t healthy for a Breastfeeding mother because they can lead to unhealthy weight gain and, in some cases, continues gassing for the baby.

How Many Slices Of Pizza Can I Eat While Breastfeeding?

Pizza is a delicious snack, no doubt. Its complicated yet yummy taste cannot be overemphasized. However, choosing between staying loyal to your cravings and tending to your motherly duties should not be a dilemma as they can coexist.

Irrespective of how delicious pizza is, eating it excessively will lead to health complications. To best enjoy your pizza, it is best to eat it moderately or combine it with vegetables.

Eating a maximum of two slices of pizza at a go is healthy enough.

Does Pizza Increase Breast Milk?

Pizza is a good source of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, all present in breast milk and essential for a baby’s growth. However, there’s no scientific backing that pizza increases milk production.

Eating pizza while breastfeeding is an excellent way to sustain your energy throughout the day. Depending on what you combine it with, it can offer a variety of nutrients that are also good for the body.

To increase the nutritional value of pizza, consider the following guidelines.

  • Serve it alongside fresh vegetables, fruits, and lots of water
  • Select pizzas with mild ingredients, such as tomato sauce and fruits.
  • Select whole-grain crusts if possible. Whole grains contain fiber and B vitamins that are important for your baby’s health.
  • ·Limit the amount of cheese and dairy products you consume in your food. Babies are usually allergic or sensitive to dairy products, including cheese. Consider limiting the amount you eat at one time so you can monitor and see how your baby’s digestive system reacts if they don’t tolerate it well.

If you want to boost your breast milk supply, other alternatives are healthier for you and your baby. You should eat healthy food, drink enough water, and have a well-balanced diet.

You can always seek advice from your doctor or lactation consultant before they decide on what to consume.

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Pizza Toppings To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Some pizza toppings are potential irritants that can cause stomach upset, gassing, bloating, or diarrhea, as listed below. So it’s best to avoid them when ordering pizza.

  • Green Olives
  • Shrimps
  • Hot peppers
  • Fish with a high level of Mercury
  • Anchovies
  • Fatty meats
  • Processed meats
  • Acidic toppings

Pizza Toppings To Include While Breastfeeding

Avoiding the toppings that add to the great taste of pizza can sound discouraging, but not to worry because other toppings can make the pizza as delicious as it can.

  • Lean meat
  • Vegetable toppings
  • Pizza with less cheese

Is There an Alternative Option For Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms?

During pregnancy or nursing, fried chicken is probably the most unwholesome option. 

The pizza is different from hot dogs or hamburgers due to its pasteurized cheese, which means it is less greasy and hot than you might think.

Pizza is nutritious and delicious, so consuming it during pregnancy or nursing isn’t an issue. 

Pizza has not been associated with a greater risk of developing breastfeeding or food allergies, and you can enjoy it while breastfeeding! 

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Do spicy foods affect the breast milk supply?

Yes, you can take in spicy foods while breastfeeding. It could help with the baby’s growth and development. 

Generally, as a nursing mom, the food you eat gets into your milk, but they aren’t likely to affect your baby when you eat spicy foods.

Consider eating a less sour diet if your baby’s breast milk makes you upset.

Does Pizza Cause Gas in Breastfed Babies?

Children can get gassy after eating pizza dough made from flour. Pizza is loaded with gluten, sugar, salt, and oil on top of gluten.

The enzymes in your baby’s digestive system can’t efficiently and swiftly process fats found in the oil.

While there are no established rules regarding what you should and should not eat when breastfeeding, your food choices should be centered around a balanced diet. 

Moderation is key. The last thing you want is to make your baby gassy. 

Both you and your child benefit from breastfeeding, and the food you eat affects you both indirectly.

Foods You Should Avoid While Breastfeeding

  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Excess Caffeine
  • A large amount of fish
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy Products
  • Citrus fruits
  • Wheat/ Gluten
  • Garlic
  • Cruciferous vegetables or “gassy” veggies


Everyone likes pizza, and that is why you ask the question, “can I eat pizza while breastfeeding” it is very relatable to those who are big fans of the snack yet want to eat it healthily.

The answers provided in this article will serve as a guide to balancing between enjoying your favorite snack and keeping you and your baby healthy.

Hopefully, this article has provided in-depth knowledge about PPizza during breastfeeding and how you can incorporate it into your diet. This article is not meant to take the place of a doctor’s advice or diagnosis.

If you have further questions about the safety of eating PPizza during breastfeeding, your baby’s dietary needs, or your breastmilk allergies, do not hesitate to consult with your health care provider.