Enfamil Vs Similac Vs Nan Pro (A Complete Buying Guide)

As a parent, have you ever been at a crossroads trying to figure out the right formula for your baby? I can imagine settling for one wasn’t an easy thing for you.

It is essential to be careful with the formula one chooses for their baby since this formula will supply your child with most of their growth requirements.

During the first few months of life, this formula might be your child’s only source of nutrition and water.

Enfamil vs Similac vs Nan Pro is usually a common theme whenever the discussion revolves around the choice of formula. We will examine this topic to provide you with the helpful information you need.

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Making a Choice of Formula

It is suitable as a parent you care about your baby and their welfare by researching the various formulas available.

But you must remember that no magical brand can satisfy every child’s needs; remember, every child is different.

Your long hours of research may not pay off well because your baby may not be comfortable with a particular brand you have chosen as the wonder brand.

But you don’t have to panic because there are many alternatives on the market; all you have to do is keep an open mind while looking for the best baby formulas.

All the brands in the market meet the minimum nutritional standards set by the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations, so do not be perturbed if your baby’s brand is at home and isn’t what you want for your baby.

Types of Baby Formula

No formula brand has a particular choice with a wide range of different options with the same brand.

This caters to infants with varied needs, including breast milk-based formula, lactose-free formula, soy formula, and premature baby formula.

Breast Milk-Based Formula

As the name implies, these formulas are based on breast milk, and their production mimics breast milk, and in many, the presence of similar fats to those in breast milk has been observed.

The presence of MFGM, which research has proven to have the ability to support cognitive development in infants, has been used in the manufacture of breast milk-based formula.

Probiotics like 2’-FL HMO, known to support your baby’s immune system, are also used to manufacture breast milk-based formulas.

Examples of this formula include Enfamil Neuro Pro Infant and Similac Pro-Advance.

Gentle Formulas

This formula was produced for babies whose stomachs are uncomfortable with breast milk-based formula and need something gentler for their tummy.

The lactose composition of this formula is usually reduced so that the lactose-induced fussiness in babies may be reduced to the barest minimum.

Examples of this formula include Enfamil Neuro Pro Gentlease and Similac Pro-total Comfort.

Added Rice Starch Formulas

This type was formulated to meet the needs of babies with Acid Reflux and, as such, may require a formula with a thicker consistency.

This kind of consistency is achieved by adding rice starch to the formula, and because of this kind of thickness, it doesn’t come back up quickly, nor does the spit-up rate the same as others.

Examples include Enfamil A.R. and Similac for Spit-up Non-GMO.

Soy Formulas

Some babies may be more comfortable and at home with soy formulas, probably due to lactose intolerance, milk protein allergy, or galactosemia.

If your baby falls in this category, you should use soy formulas like Enfamil ProSobee and Similac Soy Isomil.

Premature Baby Formulas

This formula was designed for babies born prematurely because they need additional calories and nutrients, which are lacking in them due to their premature exit from the womb.

Non-premature-born Low, weight babies may also need this formula for proper development.

Examples include Enfamil NeuroPro Enfacare and Similac Neosure.

Toddler’s Formulas

This is a type of formula for toddlers whose parents are not at home with the transition of their toddlers to cow’s milk, and these are for toddlers after they are 12 months old.

Enfamil Vs Similac Vs Nan Pro – Product Specifications

Enfamil Baby Formula

This baby formula is specially manufactured to cater to your baby’s nutritional needs, especially as they journey through life, especially during their first year on the surface of planet earth.

Key Features

  • It contains choline
  • It contains Omega-3-DHA
  • It includes a blend of two prebiotics


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Excellent source of minerals
  • Laden with nutrients that promotes growth
  • Supports brain development
  • Nourishes the body
  • Taste closest to breastmilk


Similac is a brand name for a company that produces varieties of baby and infant formulas to suit the varying needs of different kinds.

Their products have been scientifically formulated with changing nutritional needs to support your growing child’s overall physical and mental development.


  • It contains 2’-FL HMO
  • It contains DHA
  • It contains Lutein
  • It contains Vitamin E


  • Improved Eye Q plus nutrition
  • Laden with natural vitamin E
  • Contains Lutein
  • It contains DHA which helps with the baby’s brain and eye development.

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Nan Pro

This infant formula is suitable for babies and has even been recommended by experts for babies with allergies, as the product is specially formulated to meet their nutritional demands.


  • It contains L.reuteri
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Contains probiotics
  • Great source of Iron
  • Contains DHA


  • It contains DHA that supports the baby’s normal brain development
  • Contains whey protein
  • It contains vitamins A, C, and D
  • It contains minerals like Iron and Zinc

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Similarities between Enfamil, Similac, And Nan Pro

There are some similarities between Enfamil and Similac, including the following.

  • They have a wide range of baby formula milk products
  • These brands have a non-GMO version of their sensitive formulas
  • FDA has declared them safe for consumption by babies
  • They offer loyalty programs.

Difference between Enfamil, Similac, and Nan Pro

  • In terms of price, Enfamil is costlier than the others
  • Enfamil is made from more natural ingredients than others
  • The production of Enfamil utilizes the use of lesser sugars than others
  • The Iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, Zinc, and Selenium contents of Enfamil are the highest among the three
  • The presence of Vitamin C, B12, E, and K is more pronounced in Enfamil
  • The content of choline, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and inositol is higher in Enfamil
  • Similac is a better source of copper among the three
  • Similac tends to be better in thiamin, vitamin D, riboflavin, niacin, and biotin.

Various Enfamil and Similac Products

The various products which the Enfamil Company produces include:

  • Enfamil A+
  • Enfamil A. R
  • Enfamil Enspire
  • Enfamil Enspire Gentlease
  • Enfamil Infant
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Enfamil
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Infant
  • Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive
  • Enfamil Premium A2
  • Enfamil R Milk Fortifier
  • Enfamil R Enfalyte
  • Gentlease
  • Nutramigen Ready to use the formula for Colic
  • Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Hypoallergic formula
  • Pregestimil
  • Premium Gentlease
  • Premium Infant
  • ProSobee
  • Reguline

Similac Products                                          

  • Advance
  • Advance for Neuro Support
  • Advance Lamehadrin
  • Alimentum
  • EleCare
  • Organic
  • Pro-Advance with 2’-FL HMO
  • Pro-Sensitive for Sensitive Tummies
  • Pro-Sensitive with 2’FL HMO
  • Pro-Total Comfort for Sensitive Tummies
  • Pure Bliss
  • Sensitive for Neuro Support for Sensitive Tummies
  • Sensitive For Sensitive Tummies
  • Similac Expert Care NeoSure
  • Similac for Diarrhea
  • Similac Pro-Advance
  • Soy Isomilfor Sensitive Tummies
  • Spit Up NON-GMO for Sensitive Tummies
  • Supplementation NON-GMO

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Enfamil Vs Similac Based On Similar Types of Formulas

Comparison between two brands is best when done between similar types of formulas of the different brands than comparison between both brands.

1. Flagship formulas: Enfamil Infant vs Similac Advance


  • Both brands are made from basic milk products with the aim of nutrition provision for babies from birth to their first year of existence.
  • Both have almost the same level of milk-based ingredients
  • Both contain virtually the same mix of oils
  • They contain prebiotics
  • Both lack sugars
  • Presence of choline, DHA, and Vitamin K in both


  • Enfamil contains palm olein oil which is a fatty acid similar to breast milk, while Similac contains Lutein which aids the development of the eyes and improves vision

2. Milk for Spit-Up: Enfamil A.R. vs Similac for Spit-Up


  • The formula was for babies with the tendency to spit up a lot
  • The procedure utilizes rice starch for thickness
  • Similar mixtures of vitamins and mineral
  • Both brands contain more sugar than regular milk, and this aids in settling fussy tummies with less reflux.


  • The Similac brand has two different sugar, while the Enfamil brand is made up of one sugar
  • The prebiotic composition of Enfamil is two, while that of Similac is only one
  • The sugar in Enfamil is milk sugar called lactose, while Similac contains a lesser milk ingredients
  • Similac doesn’t contain GMOs

3. Gentle Formulas: Enfamil Gentlease vs Similac Pro-Sensitive


  • The formula is gentle to suit the need of fussy babies
  • Similar carbohydrate, vitamins, proteins, fat, and water content
  • Presence of corn syrup solids


  • The Enfamil brand uses partially hydrolyzed nonfat milk and also whey protein concentrate solids from soy, while Similac makes use of easy-to-digest milk protein isolate, and they are capable of inducing allergies or indigestion in some babies
  • Similac has a higher linoleic acid content, and it supports a healthy heart

4. Milk for babies with allergies: Enfamil Nutramigen vs Similac Alimentum


  • They are specially made for babies with hypersensitivity or allergies to formulas made from cow’s milk.
  • There is a presence of casein hydrolysate in both


  • Similac uses corn maltodextrin with additional sugar, while Enfamil uses corn syrup.
  • Similac has a higher linoleic acid content.
  • Enfamil uses modified cornstarch for a thicker formula
  • Similac contains Lutein

5. Milk with New Ingredients: Enfamil Neuro Pro vs Similac 2’-FL HMO Pro Advance


  • Both formulas contain DHA
  • Similar vitamin, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrate content
  • Ingredients of both brands are only found previously in breast milk.


  • Enfamil uses MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane, a fatty substance for a baby’s brain development)
  • Similac uses 2ˈ- F.L. Human Milk Oligosaccharide (A prebiotic for boosting the immune system)
  • Similac lacks GMO or artificial growth hormones in its formula.

6. Milk Using Lactose-Free Soy: Enfamil Pro Sobee vs Similac Soy Isomil


  • Both brands were designed for babies with milk allergies
  • It was also formulated to suit the needs of babies with galactosemia
  • Made with lactose-free soy proteins
  • Both can be used as alternative formulas for babies with sensitive tummies
  • Both use corn syrup
  • Similar vitamin, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrate content


  • The sugar content of Similac is higher than Enfamil
  • Similac contains a higher level of linoleic acids.

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Enfamil Vs Similac at a Glance

Regarding formula for babies, there is no doubt that both brands are the leading brands in the market, and their similarities and differences have been highlighted above.

Remember that everything boils down to your baby; choose the one with which your baby is very much at home.

Below is a summarized aid that will guide you in choosing a particular brand base on what you want for your baby.

  • If you want a basic formulation with Lutein and no palm olein oil content, then go for Similac Advance.
  • If your baby has a sensitive tummy and you want a formula with less sugar, then go for Enfamil gentlease but if you want one with more sugar and contents that supports a healthy heart, then go for Similac Sensitive.
  • For spitting up, choose the Enfamil A. R formula if you want a formula with more probiotics and less sugar. You can also choose Similac for Spit-up if you want a formula with no Genetically modified organisms.
  • Enfamil Nutramigen is easier to digest and contains lesser sugar for hypoallergic, while Similac Alimentum has more linoleic acid.
  • Similac 2ˈ- F.L. Human Milk Oligosaccharide contains an immune booster and no GMO, while Enfamil NeuroPro contains more brain boosters.
  • For milk allergies formula, Enfamil ProSobee contains lesser sugar, while Similac Soy Isomil contains more linoleic acid.

If you want a product with less sugar for your baby, then Enfamil products become ideal because they contain fewer sugars.

If you prefer products with Lutein and lack palm olein oil, often associated with infantile constipation, you should go for Similac products.

In terms of price, Enfamil products are usually more expensive than Similac products of the same formulation.

If you are confused about the type of formula to go for, especially for a first-time mum, you must seek the advice of your pediatricians so that you can go for the ideal formula for your baby.


I am sure that the breakdown of the similarities and differences of the top infant formula brands will help you.

When choosing between Enfamil vs Similac vs Nan Pro, most parents will root for Enfamil products while others may root for Similac or Nan products but remember that it suits your baby and what you want for your baby that matters most.

Babies have different choices, so we advise you to give your baby what they want and, if you are confused, seek your pediatrician’s advice.

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