Enfamil vs SMA Gold vs Similac Gold (A Complete Buying Guide 2023)

Choosing between Enfamil vs SMA Gold vs Similac Gold isn’t easy because all of these contain essential nutrients that can take care of your baby.

When one cannot breastfeed her baby, the resort is in the use of formula. Although pediatricians suggest that you should breastfeed babies for six months, some situations may not be able to permit it.

Formulas are manufactured to resemble the mother’s breast milk as closely as possible so that essential nutrients are not missed.

Enfamil, SMA gold, and Similac gold are popular brands in the market, and this article will surely provide you with the necessary information you need about them.

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What Does Gold Mean in Infant Formula?

Have you ever asked yourself what the Gold attached to your infant’s formula’s name means?

Don’t worry. We will provide the answer you have been trying to wrap your head around for you.

Infant formulas are manufactured with all the essential ingredients for your baby’s effective growth and development. 

The Gold attached to your infant formula means that in addition to the necessary ingredients needed for healthy growth and development. The formula contains additional ingredients such as prebiotics and omega fats, which also benefit your baby.

Enfamil vs SMA Gold vs Similac Gold – Features, Pros & Cons

Enfamil Baby Formula

A leading brand of baby formula available in hospital newborn nurseries is Enfamil. However, it is slightly more expensive than other SMA Gold and Similac Gold.

This baby formula is specially manufactured to cater to your baby’s nutritional needs, especially as they journey through life, especially during their first year on the surface of planet earth.

It is a trusted brand for brain-building nutrition and immune support, which it continuously provides through its extensive family of baby formulas.

Enfamil offers different versions for different infants and toddlers, including:

  • Newborn stage: 0-3 months
  • Infant stage: 0-12 months
  • Toddler stage 2 and 3: Enfagrow 9 months-3 years.


  • It contains choline
  • It contains Omega-3-DHA
  • It includes a blend of two prebiotics
  • It has MFGM (Milk fat globule membrane) and Lactoferrin
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  • Rich in vitamins
  • Excellent source of minerals 
  • Laden with nutrients that promotes growth
  • Supports brain development
  • Nourishes the body


  • The product is expensive
  • Has GMO versions
  • Packaging quality issues when delivered by mail.

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SMA Gold

SMA is a trendy brand when you talk about baby formula, and it has a wide range of acceptance in the baby food industry.

Nutritionists at SMA have dedicated themselves to understanding the complex structure of breast milk over the years, and their knowledge has been used in their products.

The manufacturing company has over 100 years of research span to its credit resulting in the production of formula that suits the nutritional needs of babies.

There are lots of products from this company with SMA Gold inclusive, and one beautiful thing about this product is that most babies digest them quickly without complications.

SMA products contain all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and other nutrients required for the effective development of babies.

Some of the nutrients in this formula include Omega 3 fatty acids and 6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids.


  • It contains DHA that supports the baby’s normal brain development
  • It is nutritionally complete
  • It can serve as a milk substitute
  • It has Vitamin D for babies growth and development of bones
  • It contains minerals like iron for cognitive development
  • It contains Omega 3 fatty acids and six long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids


  • It is Easy to digest
  • It contains AA and DHA
  • It has expanded alpha-protein content
  • It is enriched with Omega 3 and can be given to your baby right from birth
  • The formula is easy to mix
  • The smell is appealing.


  • The consistency is a bit thick. 
  • It is not suitable for babies with acid reflux or colic
  • Some babies may not be able to tolerate its taste

Similac Gold

Similac is a brand name for a company that produces varieties of baby and infant formulas to suit the varying needs of different kids.

Their products have proven to be formulated with changing nutritional needs to support your growing child’s overall physical and mental development.


  • It contains 2’-FL HMO
  • It contains DHA 
  • It contains Lutein
  • It contains Vitamin E
  • It contains DHA, Omega 3 and 6
  • It contains minerals like iodine, zinc, and iron
  • It contains folic acid and taurine
  • It includes human milk oligosaccharides
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  • Improved Eye Q plus nutrition
  • Laden with natural vitamin E
  • Contains Lutein
  • It contains DHA that supports brain and eye development
  • It is free from palm olein
  • It has a good taste
  • It is easy to mix
  • It is cost friendly


  • There are chances of constipation as a result of increased iron content
  • It is not suitable for babies with acid reflux or colic

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Enfamil vs SMA Gold vs Similac Gold – Similarities & Differences


  • They all contain DHA that supports the baby’s normal brain development
  • They are nutritionally complete and can serve as a milk substitute
  • They all contain minerals like iron for cognitive development
  • They all have good taste
  • They are all easy to mix
  • FDA has declared them safe for consumption by babies 


  • Enfamil is more expensive than the other two
  • Enfamil manufacturing uses more natural ingredients than others and contains fewer sugars.
  • In terms of thiamin, vitamin D, riboflavin, niacin, and biotin, Similac gold and SMA gold tend to be better. 
  • Similac gold lacks palm olein, which is present in others.
  • Similac gold also has HMO, which is lacking in the other two

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Final Verdict

We hope that the similarities and differences of the top infant formula brands were helpful and have helped answer your question on Enfamil vs SMA Gold vs Similac Gold. 

Most parents will root for Enfamil products, while others may go for Similac gold and some SMA gold products. In general, both brands have their advantages and disadvantages. 

As a result of their tested and trusted qualities, both formulas have gained considerable popularity with moms and dads worldwide.

However, in this contest, Enfamil vs SMA Gold vs Similac Gold, based on nutritional content, Enfamil is the best choice since it has close semblance with breast milk, has lesser sugar, and has more natural ingredients than others.

In the end, you should consult your pediatrician after looking at both formulas and still finding it difficult to choose between them.

Babies are delicate, so giving your baby the proper care of what they want or need is best.