How To Fold Cosco High Chair (8 Practical Steps)

Are you wondering how to fold Cosco high chairs? Or how to get your high chair cleaned up? Then you’re not alone. Each brand appears to have its secrets with regards to stowing them away for storage, and sometimes, it can feel like you’re up against some kind of jigsaw puzzle.

Trying to figure out which parts of the high chair to push and which areas to pull to operate hidden mechanisms that will ultimately make the highchair collapse can have you pulling your hair out.

Doing all that to fit the highchair back into the kitchen cupboard from where it came. Fortunately, we’re here to help you answer your question “How To Fold Cosco High Chair” Read On…

How To Fold Cosco High Chair

A Cosco high chair was designed to store easily when you don’t use them. Therefore, you can fold them in a thin position and they fit themselves in a little space. This is why you must know how to fold Cosco high chair properly to make sure the safety of your baby.

Aside from safety, it’ll also prevent any unforeseen damage to any parts by moving them. The mechanism of folding a Cosco high chair is pretty easy and you can do it within a short period. However folding away a Cosco high chair may have slightly different placed mechanisms based on their brands, some of them fold in different places.

Although, once you’ve mastered how to fold a few different highchairs, you’ll find it easier to work out how the other brands fold away by looking at where the hinges are located. Its process is similar to folding a high chair. So, we’re here with the 8 practical steps you can follow.

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8 Practical Steps On How To Fold Cosco High Chair

Below we have a step-by-step guide on how to fold away a Cosco high chair, which is a popular brand of highchair that is folded and unfolded with two hands.

  1. Firstly, take the tray off. Then stand behind the high chair. Standing behind the high chair will make it easier to locate the levers or triggers you need to push since it will be difficult to reach them from the front.
  2. Locate the two latch release triggers which are both located on the back of the high chair. There is one on each side of the high chair, towards the back of the side rails.
  3. Pull the two triggers up simultaneously. It can be quite strange to do both latches at the same time, especially if they are a little stiff.
  4. Using the rest of your hand or thumb, rest against the chair to give yourself some leverage. Pressing the triggers properly will trigger a clicking noise, and the bottom of the chair will start to lift upwards.
  5. Once the high chair starts to collapse on itself, release the triggers and move your hands up a bit higher where you can still support the chair’s weight, but be careful not to get your fingers squashed.
  6. Push the seat downwards and the back of the chair upwards so that they align with the high chair legs.
  7. Grab hold both the high chair legs and seat railings in one hand.
  8. Finally, hold the high chair together in this position to move and store it. There are no fastenings to keep it in place once it is collapsed so if you attempt holding it by either just the top or just the bottom, then the chair will probably fall back into the open position again.
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Here is a short video showing how to fold Cosco high chair

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Before you store a high chair you must consider a few matters before storing it. This is to ensure they stay in better condition to cater to your baby and the unborn ones.

Ensure you wipe down your highchair using a damp material after each use. Rather than keeping it to the dishwasher, use mild soap with a bit of warm water to get the highchair washed out. This will help protect you and the baby from unseen germs and sticky prints.


I believe this article has given an in-depth discussion to answer the question, how to fold a Cosco high chair? One thing to always keep in mind when folding Cosco high chair is that the processes may vary from brands and models. But, if you know the key points, you’ll be able to fold them correctly.

However, having the right information about folding high chairs will help you to know what’s best for you, how to store it, and how to clean it properly.