How To Hide Pregnancy in Scrubs

Having a baby on the way is good news to many women but there are times when some are not ready to share this good news with others yet especially if it may lead to some complications at work.

For those who work in the hospital, they may begin to look for the best ways on how to hide pregnancy in scrubs either as a way of reducing the attention or protecting their source of income.

Reasons Why People Decide To Hide Their Pregnancy

Choosing to hide what should rather be celebrated from the public eye could have a variety of reasons behind it which doesn’t necessarily include that the mother is not excited to have the baby.

There are several reasons why some women hide their pregnancy especially during the early stages of it. Some of the reasons may include;

1. Work

Certain work environments are strict on doing away with anything that may deter your productivity at work.

In such instances, the expectant mother is likely to be relieved of her job should she be discovered with a baby bump knowing how much stress pregnancy exerts on the mother

2. A Previous Miscarriage

Be it PTSD or not, due to a previous experience of losing a baby through miscarriage, many women choose to keep the good news to themselves until they are sure the pregnancy is well into its safe trimester before letting others in on the news of the baby on the way.

Some even hide it until the baby is born before other people get to find out.

3. Excitement

Some women get excited about realizing that they are pregnant to extend this excitement, they keep it a secret to surprise their families or friends in the most unexpected ways.

Other times, the excitement could be a result of a long-time fertility issue, they find it hard believing that they are pregnant, and in order not to get too many people involved in their denial, they prefer to keep it to themselves.

4. To Reduce the Attention

Due to the amount of unsolicited attention and sympathy pregnant women draw, many women who are not big on having people’s attention would rather avoid it totally by hiding it than choosing to deal with the many pity parties thrown on their behalf.

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How To Hide Pregnancy In Scrubs

It is a normal thing that women have different outfits for different situations or even moods.

There are outfits for a girls’ night out, there are outfits for a trip to the grocery store, and there are outfits for a casual visit to the cinema.

Having outfits that suit just any scenario is more of a female thing than not. But in a case where there’s a baby bump you’re trying to hide as a health worker, going with your usual scrubs may not serve you so much.

If you’re looking for how to hide a pregnancy in scrubs as a health worker, you should be ready to do a little shopping since you’d be changing your favorite scrubs anyway.

Get much bigger in size scrubs than the usual body con type you’re used to wearing.

There is also the option of wrapping a soft band around the stomach area under your scrubs when the pregnancy is still very young.

Use extra attires like the hospital-recommended sweaters while at work. If you’re allowed to use just any sweaters, I’d suggest you go for sweaters with busy patterns like this one. The designs on it will distract people from focusing on your growing bump.

You can also purchase a button-up scrub top with bold patterns. This will not just hide your pregnancy but also be very comfortable to work in.

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How To Hide Pregnancy Outside Work

Just as there are a variety of reasons why people hide pregnancy, so are there different places aside from work where women choose to hide their pregnancies.

As a health worker, you can’t wear your work clothes just anywhere but if you’re still adamant about hiding your pregnancy everywhere you go, there are other outfits you can wear to cover it up well.

Busy Patterns

Clothes with bold and busy patterns tend to cause a distraction from your stomach area. People will be carried away by the designs on your clothes than trying to squint to see if you’re pregnant or not.


Peplum tops can offer a good camouflage for your baby bump. A little bit oversized peplum top on a fitting trouser or skirt would hide your pregnancy just fine.

Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothes generally hide our bodies. Wearing oversized t-shirts or dresses will hide the pregnancy enough to make anyone not suspect that you may be heavily pregnant.

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Wearing clothes with many layers can also hide your pregnancy. Although they may make you appear a little clumsier than you would without them, that is just nothing compared to the greater service it provides in hiding your pregnancy.

Jackets and Blazers

Wearing extra clothes like jackets, blazers, or hoodies over your t-shirt can provide the cover for your big belly.

The good thing about jackets is, they can be worn anywhere and for any occasion, just choose a stylish one to fit the dress code of the event and you’re good to go.

Wrap Skirts

Wrap skirts or dresses are also perfect outfits to hide a pregnancy with.


Ruffles placed in strategic areas on the dress will also be good at hiding your pregnancy, especially in the first few months.

Clothes with Stripes

This is another great way to hide a baby bump especially in the early stage of your pregnancy.

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Wind Up

We hope this article has given an in-depth discussion to answer your question of how to hide pregnancy in scrubs.

Women who work in hospitals where pregnant health workers are not allowed to work during the pregnancy often lookout for how to hide pregnancy in scrubs while at work.

Many busy organizations like hospitals do not hesitate to check any slacking from the workers’ end and try to caution anything that would stand in the way of their patients being properly attended to so they relieve pregnant women of their duties whenever there’s suspicion of a baby on the way.

While this may seem like a subtle form of discrimination, it is usually in the best interest of both their patients and the women involved.

It is in the interest of these people to protect the mother and baby from contracting any illness that may put the pregnancy at risk, so they’d rather not allow their pregnant staff to get exposed to the many diseases that linger in the atmosphere of the hospital.