Nan Ar vs Novalac Ar (A Complete Buying Guide 2023)

Every mom desires to see their baby grow and develop the right way. Sometimes, the type of milk a baby consumes influences how your baby grows and develops.

This is why you must take time and research the type of formula milk you want to buy for your baby’s consumption and ensure that they are in line with what you want for your baby.

One of the top questions on your lips might be between Nan ar vs Novalac ar; which one is best for my baby? 

Don’t worry. This article provides all the answers you need about these two formulas, their features, pros, cons, and differences.

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Baby’s Formula: Complete Overview

Baby’s formula or infant formula is a food produced that serves the nutritional need of babies that can’t get enough breast milk from their mothers for certain reasons. 

Baby formula is formulated to fill the nutritional need of babies or infants whose age span is usually under 12 months.

Baby formula is usually manufactured for bottle-feeding or cup-feeding from powder (mixed with water) or liquid (with or without additional water).

When producing baby’s milk, the manufacturers try as much as possible to ensure that their products mimic the composition of a human’s breast milk. 

This means baby formulas are manufactured with essential ingredients that make them similar in composition, nutrients, and taste close to breast milk

Still, different brands have their various means of achieving this, and each has its manufacturing materials.

Making a Choice of Formula

A good parent’s ultimate show of concern should be practical, making you spend time researching the various formulas available to give your baby the best option.

Do not worry if the brand your baby is at home with isn’t what you want for your baby, as all brands are required to meet minimum nutritional standards under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations.

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But there is something you must bear in mind: there is no magical brand that can satisfy every child’s individual needs. Remember that every child is unique.

Choose the brand you are home with the manufacturing ingredients, the pros, and one you can deal with the cons. 

Also, read reviews by other parents, as most brands would want to avoid talking about their flaws on their official websites.

Nan Ar vs Novalac Ar


This product is thickened with starch. It is specifically designed for formula-fed babies from birth with regurgitation

NAN AR (Anti-reflux) is a baby food for special medical needs. Its production was specifically for the dietary management of spit-ups in babies. 

NAN AR is suitable as a source of nutrition from birth up to 12 months when infants are not breastfed.

This formula is not an option for general use, and its use should be used under medical supervision. 


  • It is backed by over 155 years of infant nutrition expertise.
  • It is hygienic and convenient, available in an innovative packaging format with a separate storage area for the scoop and a semi-transparent window that allows you to see how much formula powder is left in the can without you opening it.
  • Because the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus is immature, it reduces regurgitation.
  • It is a food for special medical purposes, specially designed for the dietary management of spitting up.
  • It contains starch.
  • It contains L. reuteri.
  • It contains OPTIPRO


  • It is unsuitable for an infant diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy.
  • The products clumps at the bottom of the bottle
  • It is unsuitable for general use and should be used under medical supervision.

Novalac Ar

Novalac Ar (Anti-reflux) is another product specially designed to manage a baby’s conditions like severe reflux and suspected cow milk protein allergy.

It is sucrose-free, contains a predominant formula with an added thickener (pre-treated corn starch), and the essence is to help manage severe regurgitations that may happen to infants.

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It is a formula that has in its manufacture the collaboration of pediatricians. It has been clinically proven suitable for babies suffering or prone to severe infant regurgitation.


  • It reduces the number of regurgitation
  • It increases weight gain
  • It thickens with acidic pH in the stomach
  • It contains amylopectin-rich cornstarch
  • It contains all the required nutrients for a child’s proper growth and development.
  • It contains low lactose.
  • It contains fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals
  • Facilitates gastric emptying


  • Babies may not tolerate the added thickeners and may become allergic to them.
  • There are chances of developing colic, windiness, and cramps
  • Sucking the formula from the bottle may be difficult for your baby
  • There are chances of constipation
  • It may cause nausea for your baby
  • There are chances of diarrhea

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Nan Ar vs Novalac Ar – Similarities and Differences


  • Both formulas reduce the number of regurgitation
  • Both formulas thicken with acidic pH in the stomach
  • Both formulas contain cornstarch
  • It has all the required nutrients needed for the proper growth and development of a child
  • Both formulas are food for special medical purposes, specially designed for the dietary management of spitting up.


  • Novalac AR contains bean gum and tapioca starch as thickeners. Novalac AR lacks them.
  • Novalac AR has the potential to cause weight gain, while Nan AR lacks it.
  • Novalac AR can be used on babies with cow milk allergies, while Nan AR is unsuitable for babies with cow milk allergies.

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Final Verdict

I am sure your question on Nan AR vs Novalac AR has been answered, and you have gotten the necessary information about both baby formula brands.

Both formula brands are meant for babies with regurgitation or spitting-up problems and shouldn’t be used unless your baby’s pediatrician suggests it.