8 Signs She is Trying to Trap You with the Pregnancy

Are you looking for signs she is trying to trap you with the pregnancy? If this question has been on your mind, there are certain things to look out for.

But before I list these possible signs, I’d like to point out that if you’re already questioning the possibility of the pregnancy being a trap, you should be alert already because it is most likely to be so.

As a couple, sensitive topics like childbearing should be a mutual thing; both of you need to be on the same page as regards childbearing if it is genuine.

Possible Reasons Why She May Want To Trap You with the Pregnancy

Different strokes for different folks, they say. There are a lot of possible reasons why your girlfriend or wife is trying to trap you with the pregnancy; some may include

1. To seal the relationship 

While this may not be for ulterior motives, your girlfriend or partner may feel the need to reinforce the bond you share and the only way to go about it is to create an extra bond with you through a baby.

Doing this, she’s more relaxed about the possibility of your relationship hitting rock bottom.

2. To fulfill her motherhood desires

If during the times she’s brought up the topic of childbearing and you seem quite reluctant about it, she may decide to take the reigns from you and do it her way.

That way, she can successfully shove you into unplanned fatherhood while she enjoys her motherhood.

3. Benefits of being your baby mama

If she’s aware of the benefits, she stands to gain, either while pregnant or through child support and they seem quite juicy, this can be a good enough reason to trap you with a baby bump.

This is a convenient reason why many women choose to be baby mamas to do well for men and not just for money, and your traits can be a reason also.

Beyond just money, if she likes certain traits about you, she may consider having a baby with you with or without your knowledge, and that too can be a trap.

4. To get you back after a breakup

She may want to get you back after a breakup, and she knows that the fastest way to get you to pick up your calls is by pulling the pregnancy stunt.

This may not be true, but to get you talking to her again, this is a step closer. If the situation changed where it happens that there was no pregnancy she’d have a well-thought-out plan of a well-cooked miscarriage story which would be told right after you both must have gotten back together.

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8 Signs she is trying to trap you with the Pregnancy

As a couple, sensitive topics like childbearing should be a mutual thing. Both of you have to be on the same page as regards childbearing if it is genuine.

You’re supposed to discuss if you want children and when you want to have them, and it should be convenient for both of you.

So when you begin to ask such questions, it is likely that you two are not on the same page as regards childbearing, especially if you’ve shown some reluctance whenever she brings up the topic, then the pregnancy is most likely to be a trap.

If you’ve been looking for signs she is trying to trap you with the pregnancy, here is a list of things to look out for. This may not be so for all but the majority, it is what they exhibit.

1. The pregnancy came right after a breakup

If you both recently broke up and suddenly she’s pregnant, chances are she’s trying to use the pregnancy as bait to get back with you.

Even if you haven’t formally called off the relationship, but she’s beginning to sense the breakup vibes from your end, she’d most likely pull the stunt to keep you from leaving.

The best way to confirm this is by carrying out a pregnancy test immediately after she breaks the news to you delaying a minute, and there’d be another story of a miscarriage which will be after you must have gotten back together.

2. She Wants To Get You Committed To The Relationship 

If you haven’t shown any sign of commitment after a while of being together, she can use pregnancy to get that, and if that is the news, it is likely to be a good set-up trap.

3. You’ve made it clear To Her That You Don’t Want Kids, Now

If you told your partner that you’re not ready for kids now—there’s every chance the pregnancy might be a trap.

She may not be paying any attention to your thoughts or how you feel about fatherhood, or she probably may have convinced herself that you’re going to be fine when the baby arrives.

She might feel you’re just apprehensive about committing, so she decides to take the decision away from you and make the decision for both of you.

In the end, she’ll come up with excuses like an accident, but it was her plan all along.

Traps like this may be direct or indirect. A direct trap is one where her sole intention is to secure your relationship or financial support.

An indirect trap is a kind where her sole objective is to have a feeling of motherhood; you’re being trapped in fatherhood may be irrelevant to that objective. Your gene is the only thing important to her. Beyond that, you may or may not be that important to her.

4. She Went Off Birth Control

There are good reasons a lot of women go off birth control pills. Some feel sick while taking them; others have a surge in hormonal changes, mostly happening in the first few weeks of taking the pills.

Also, others have their IUD (Intrauterine Device) fallout without knowing. This is also during the first few weeks or months of inserting it.

However, if she’d been on pills for a while or she has been using an IUD and suddenly she no longer gives the above as her reasons, the pregnancy is likely to be a trap.

5. She Gave You the Go-Ahead During Intercourse 

If during intercourse she manages to convince you of her safe period and months later she tells you she is pregnant, that is a trap.

It is quite understandable for women with irregular menstrual cycles to lose track of their ovulation period and fertility window, but knowing her safe period should be easy for a woman with a regular cycle.

If your woman is the type with a regular cycle and convinced you that she was safe during intercourse, the pregnancy wasn’t a mistake on her part; she knows what she is doing. It is a trap.

6. She Seduced You 

If she got pregnant the day she seduced you into having sex with her, chances are that the pregnancy is a trap.

Women are most likely to conceive during their ovulation period. They are aware of these things; it is not a new thing to them.

So if your woman broke the news about a baby bump and your calculations tally with the days she was most fertile, she’s trapping you with the pregnancy.

7. Sudden Miscarriage 

If after she’d told you about the pregnancy and then a miscarriage happened at a very convenient time for her, the pregnancy was a trap, and she must have gotten what she wanted from doing that.

Say she told you about the pregnancy you weren’t expecting and then later returns with the news of a miscarriage that happened quite silently without any pieces of evidence of it ever happening. She must have used the pregnancy as a trap.

8. She Stands To Gain A Lot from Being Your Baby Mama

During the relationship, she may have realized that there’s a lot to gain from being the mother of your child; she’d do whatever she can to make this a reality, even if it means trapping you with a pregnancy you’re uncomfortable with.

There are a lot of potential pregnancy benefits that might motivate a woman to get intentionally get pregnant. She may want to:

  • She may want to fulfill her dream of being a mom
  • She may want to secure the deal on your relationship
  • She may want to get your support either directly or through child support
  • She may want to qualify for welfare benefits or secure her immigration status.

These signs could be in play even if she acts to be very disappointed about the pregnancy. All those dramas could be a show to cover her tracks.

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If you weren’t expecting the news of a baby on the way and your wife or girlfriend just served it to you and now you’re wondering if it is a way to trap you down, here are the signs that she wants to trap you with the pregnancy.

They may not all be for ulterior reasons but pregnancy should be planned by the both of you and if that is not the case then she’s most likely using the pregnancy as a trap to get what she wants, you should be on alert for these signs.