Sleeping With Different Guys While Breastfeeding (What You Should Know)

It is a known fact that the period after childbirth is a period of great change, learning, and adjustment. Breastfeeding tends to increase sexual libido because of a surge of hormones, arousal, and sensual touching which tends to become more pleasurable.

Someone may be tempted to ask can I sleep with different guys while breastfeeding? Well, sleeping with different guys while breastfeeding may sound awkward to some persons, because it is seen and labeled promiscuity to sleep with different guys while breastfeeding.

In this article, we discuss the topic “Sleeping with different guys while breastfeeding, is it healthy? Are there any implications? Is the effect drastic or deleterious? Read on to discover amazing and mind-blowing answers for yourself.

Sex After Delivery     

Usually, some people found it confusing as to when to start having sex after delivery. Well, there is no stipulated waiting time for sex after delivery, but most health care experts recommend waiting for four to six weeks after delivery before becoming sexually active.

The reason for the waiting is to give ample time for healing from Surgery or delivery so that you do not complicate issues for yourself after delivery because of sexual activity.

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Painful Sex And Breastfeeding

The body produces less estrogen during breastfeeding, and that hormone is the key hormone for arousal and natural lubrication for the female reproductive organ.

When the estrogen level of the body becomes low, a woman may find it difficult to get turned on and the female reproductive organ becomes too dry for comfortable penetration during intercourse.

The remedy to this to engage in a lot of sexual foreplay as that will help to get the body ready for pleasurable penetration; also you can keep a water-based lubricant handy to make things easier when between the sheets.

Sometimes you may experience nipple pain because of breastfeeding. The feeding and sucking activity from your little one may make your flesh sensitive.

So if you are pretty uncomfortable with touches from your partner during sex, talk to them about it before the sexual activity to avoid messing the activity up; tell your partner that you will prefer a look but no-touch rule.

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Does Breastfeeding Affect Sex Drive?

Yes, breastfeeding can affect your sexual drive, and the reason is not farfetched, the estrogen level is usually low after delivery and breastfeeding, while the two hormones prolactin and oxytocin, increase.

These two hormones have different impacts on the body and each can interfere with sex drive. As a result of the combination of increased prolactin and oxytocin, one may derive great pleasure during breastfeeding.

The emotional and physical intimacy needed may have been met by the breastfeeding of your baby, hence a decline in sex drive or desire to seek affection from your partner.

There can be a reverse in the norm, the increased hormones and sensual touching can increase the sexual desire. The human breast is erogenous and can be aroused easily as a result of surging hormones and sensations in your body.

So if breastfeeding increases the sex drive or decreases the sex drive, it is pertinent to know that it is normal. After delivery, the libido may peak and fall for a period, but with time it will normalize.

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Can You Sleep With Different Guys While Breastfeeding?

sex and breastfeeding

Sleeping with multiple partners while breastfeeding simply means having sex while you are still lactating and not breastfeeding during the sexual entanglement.

If you are comfortable with it, there is no problem sleeping with more than one partner while breastfeeding, there are no recorded effects of sleeping with different partners while breastfeeding provided you play safe and you are healthy.

Also, ensure that your partner is healthy and not infected with sexually transmitted diseases because some of them can be transmitted from mother to child through breast milk.

The amount and type of sex you are having while breastfeeding has nothing to do with breast milk production or flow unless you are engaging in activities that are extreme enough to damage the breast.

Aside from, that there are no side effects to sleeping with different guys while breastfeeding. Although your body doesn’t know that you are having sex with multiple partners, your brain can tell because it stores information and memories.

The human body response is based on biochemical messages and nerve stimulation so it can’t differentiate whether you are having sex with a man, a woman, multiple partners, or your hand.

However, breastfeeding when you are having sex isn’t nice; to some women, they found it disgusting.

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Will Sex Make Your Breasts Leak Milk?

There are chances of breast milk leaking during sex while breastfeeding. It is a known fact that the breast is filled with milk after delivery.

Sexual touches or sucking on the nipples during sexual intercourse may release breast milk, so the chances of leaking or spraying breast milk during sexual activity are very high.

To avoid leaking breast milk during sexual activity, these three techniques can help manage the ordeal.

  • Nurse or Pump Ahead of Time: It is advisable to reduce the amount of breast milk by breastfeeding your little one before sex to avoid leaking when your partner caresses your nipples or sucks them.
  • Wear A Bra With Nursing Pads: The use of nursing pads can be used to absorb any leakage of breast milk during sexual intercourse, provided the idea is welcomed by you and your partner. Some persons may not be comfortable with their partners covering their breast during sex, so if it is going to cause a problem between your partner and yourself, you can let go of it, but if the both of you are comfortable, then go ahead and enjoy your sex
  • Talk About It Beforehand: Conversation is key in a relationship, so always talk to your partner about it. Leaking breast milk during sex is a natural phenomenon, so if you both don’t see it as a big deal, go ahead and enjoy your intimate moments and do not let it be an obstacle.

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Pros And Cons Of Having Sex While Breastfeeding

Reasons Why A Pregnant Woman Should Make Love Everyday


1. Positive and Emotional Experience

Reports do suggest a positive side effect on breastfeeding. It helps reduce stress and also, reduces the chances of having postpartum depression later.

It also helps mothers connect with their children. Reports have shown that those women also draw a more positive and emotional experience with sex because of breastfeeding.

Some mothers feel closed off after giving birth. The act of breastfeeding allows mothers to feel more open with their bodies, which is a great idea for when they want to have sex with their partner.

2. No More Kids

Some couples just want to have one kid, and still want to explore sexually with their partner. Since breastfeeding reduces the chances of women getting pregnant immediately.

This known fact can be a good reason if you and your partner decide not to have another baby. During, breastfeeding the hormone responsible for ovulation becomes inactive.

It is difficult for women to get pregnant when this happens. However, stopping this hormone is not enough. Get a condom or some other form of birth control. This helps prevent your partner from getting you pregnant.

Interestingly, the idea of not getting pregnant during sex could be enough to turn anyone on. That way, you can have all the fun with your partner in the bedroom without worrying about getting pregnant.

3. Your Former Body

Are you aware that breastfeeding helps to reform the uterus? The uterus can return to its original shape, which is good news for a lot of women and men. Also, breastfeeding helps mothers to return to their normal body size pre-pregnancy much faster.

Of course, transforming your body back to your pre-pregnancy body is bound to turn your partner on. You and your partner can hopefully explore sex the way you used to.

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1. Reduced Desire

This depends from person to person. Some people might feel less urge after having a baby while currently breastfeeding. Some couples dive into their normal sexual antics right away. Other couples may not. Some women may feel less urge and this might be a potential negative side effect.

Another reason could be the lack of estrogen in the genitals. Some women feel pain if they try to have sex for the first time after pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Some couples might decide to give it a break before they attempt to swing from the chandeliers or any other sexual parlor game of their choice. If your partner has issues with this, try not to force it. Wait until the sensations return and then try again.

2. Birth Control

Any kind of birth control used after you’ve giving birth has to be for your husband/partner. It is advised for women not to use any hormonal birth control, including the pill.

You should use an alternative method if you want to have sex. Otherwise, you might risk getting pregnant, which has its own set of pros and cons.

3. Lack of Freedom

Remember those days of your sexual fantasies, where you usually experiment with every position or time of day. Unfortunately, those days are gone, at least for a little bit.

Generally, breastfeeding requires a routine of sorts. The days of grabbing your partner for a quickie before the company comes might have to be on hold.

Those days of countless sex in the bathroom, while you have a table full of friends waiting in the living room, are going to have to wait too. Typically, your schedule will solely revolve around breastfeeding and taking care of your little one.

You might have to, for some time, depending on a schedule to have sex with your partner. I know that’s not romantic. Having sex with your partner is not supposed to be scheduled, especially if you’re in the mood.

This is a con for couples who are hypersexual. Unfortunately, your high sex drive is going to have to take a break for a bit, especially if your spouse is breastfeeding. Interestingly, this turns some guys on, but you will have to keep it in your pants until the time is right.

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Wind Up

We hope this article has given an in-depth discussion of the topic “Can I sleep with different guys while breastfeeding” and issues about sex while breastfeeding.

However, having the right information will help you to determine what’s best for you and how to adapt to the new changes with your spouse. Still, need to know more? Learn How To Relieve Sore Nipple Breastfeeding