Why Do Husbands Cheat After Baby (5 Reasons You May Not Know)

Men are “promiscuous in nature” this would serve as one of the defenses given to the cheating nature of men.

And sometimes, we hear clichés like men are polygamous, all of which point to men cheating a lot.

But not all men cheat, and a good number of men cheat after having a baby; hence one may be tempted to ask why do husbands cheat after baby?

Don’t worry; we are here to provide answers to your question on why husbands cheat after baby and how to overcome it.

Why Do Husbands Cheat After Baby?

Things do not just happen; there is always a cause to everything that happens, and that is what we will be looking at.

There are many things that cause cheating after a baby has arrived, and sometimes this may be due to negligence on the part of the woman or inconsideration on the part of the man.

1. Decline in the Sex Life Of Couples

This is one of the chief causes of cheating after delivery, and this should not be an issue if discussed by both partners.

Pregnancy comes with many changes, and different women react differently to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. While some may have their sexual urge tripled, others may reduce theirs.

In the case of low sexual drive, the chances of a man whose sex drive is on the high side seeking satisfaction and validation from women become glaring, and sometimes most men go on escapades.

Even after birth, a woman’s body is probably healing from the cut and tear she received from birthing her baby and may not be psychologically ready for sex.

She needs to allow her body to heal due to giving birth; she didn’t undergo such pains for herself alone but for the two of you, so cheating at that stage can be devastating.

What Can You Do?                                                 

Instead of cheating, you both can have an honest conversation with your partner about how her actions might make you prone to cheating.

Make her know that you appreciate her and understand what she is going through, and you will have the spice back in your life.

Couples must continually see the bigger picture and the positivities that come with having children—while it can be difficult at first, it is also full of blessings and truly enriching for everyone’s personal experience.

2. Relegating The Husband To The Background

Most times, this is one of the causes of friction after a baby. It is normal that a woman may want to satisfy her baby’s needs while relegating her husband’s needs to the background.

It is perfectly okay to care for your baby because, as mothers, we are super protective, and the pangs of childbirth make one cherish her baby. No mom would like to play with such a jewel.

You should be aware that wifely duties should be balanced with motherly duties. Remember that you became a wife before becoming a mother, so the first one should not suffer.

Most men would not complain, but it drives them away and sends them into the welcoming arms of another woman, and before you can say, Jack Robison, he is now cheating on you with the supposed bestie and pillar.

What Can You Do?

Do not allow cheating in your marriage by relegating your husband to the background, but try balancing both.

And as a man, you also must understand that this is just one person balancing the heat of the work she is doing, the load of motherly duties, and then combining it with being a wife.

Rather than cheating on her with another woman, you can help and make your home beautiful and fun.

You can find exciting ways to make her feel appreciated and supported. Fun things like answering the ‘5-Love Languages Quiz’ (Gary Chapman; online) can be a helpful way to recognize how to emotionally complement each other “quickly and in a meaningful way when you both face tough times.

3. Wife Looking Unattractive

Most women fail in this because they are consumed with the time they spend with their children, and they forget that they have husbands and should look attractive.

Men and women are created. Differently, women are moved by what they hear, and men are moved by what they see, so you have to find a way to look attractive for your husband.

What Can You Do?

Dress to kill, make your husband feel comfortable coming home, and make him see why he should always rush home to spend time with you and the family. At least it would help keep cheating at arm’s length.

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4. Incessant Snapping

Pregnancy is usually a period when a woman is filled with anxiety, fears, and expectation and sometimes filled with unnecessary outbursts.

Pregnancy can take a toll on a woman’s body, from hair loss to swollen feet. It is usually not easy for most women, even extending into the postpartum period.

These hormonal changes during this gestation period of pregnancy may trigger involuntary mood swings, ultra-sensitivity, strong loss of appetite, and intense feelings.

Usually, these behavioral changes can be traced to something upsetting that may have occurred earlier.

What Can You Do?

As a woman, you should know that your actions may negatively affect your husband and that your husband deserves peace and love.

If, by chance, any of this is lacking in your marriage after childbirth, your husband may decide to find peace outside, and before you know it, he is cheating, and it becomes a norm.

And as a husband, cheating isn’t any solution either; sometimes, having a conversation is key; your partner may not know that she is killing you, driving you away from the house, and pushing you into the welcoming arms of a cheating woman.

So, the best way forward is for you two to take time together to reevaluate where each other stands in the marriage and the best way forward.

If one partner continually feels unheard or uninterested in improving the situation, in the long term, it is going to get pretty ugly. So pay attention now.

5. Avoiding Post Pregnancy Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is an integral part of your lives as a couple and shouldn’t be relegated to the background even after childbirth.

Penetrative sex is a NO after childbirth till the fourth to sixth week after delivery, but non-penetrative intimacy can help keep your sex life fun and adventurous.

What Can You Do?

You can do many things to satisfy your husband’s sexual urge after delivery apart from penetrative sex. However, nothing can equal the excitement and sensation gotten from penetrative sex. Remember, as the saying goes, half a loaf of bread is better than none.

So do not avoid post-pregnancy sexual intimacy, especially if your husband is one with a high sexual drive.

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Wind Up

I am sure that your question on why do husbands cheat after baby has been answered.

Do your part as a wife and ensure that the cheating of your man or husband is not in any way related to you or caused by you.

If you are still experiencing the aftermath of the changes associated with pregnancy, do ensure that you have a decent discussion with your husband and have things sorted out before it is too late.

Having deep conversation has always been key in everything, do not underestimate the power of a healthy conversation.