How To Stop Snapping At My Partner (8 Best Ways)

Snapping usually becomes the next line of action when our emotions are at their peak and the people closest to us bear the heat.

Anger is usually impulsive and it could serve as a response to circumstances that cause us unhappiness or discomfort.

The emotions of anger show that we are human and it is normal and inevitable in relationships and sometimes may not be addressed at the person to whom it is being expressed.

The aftermath of our anger could be disastrous and have negative effects on the people closest to us and to avoid or prevent this from happening, anger management becomes handy.

If you want your relationships to work, then you need to know how to stop snapping at your partner and this article will give you the best guide on how to stop snapping at your partner.

How To Stop Snapping At My Partner

Snapping hasn’t been the best remedy to situations in a relationship and truth is told, snapping makes the relationship toxic and unhealthy.

If you want to enjoy peace and serenity in your relationship, then you should learn how to stop snapping at your partner and the following steps might be of immense help.

1. Avoid the Impulse to Cut Off

Sometimes we feel that silent treatments might be the best remedy to messy situations, it might have a temporary effect sure but it can never be the best remedy.

Facing your partner during a heated argument isn’t the best but you can politely inform your partner that you need time to calm and think about the situation and in such a way differences can be sorted out amicably.

Also when you receive silent treatment from your partner do not try to force them to speak but let them know that you are ready to reason with them when they are ready to talk.

2. Focus on Managing Yourself (And Not Your Partner)

A grip on oneself in the moment of anger and crisis can be helpful when trying to stop snapping. Calmness helps in managing the situation and most times when your partner becomes snappy, do not snap back, maintaining calmness and decorum will go a long way to help you.

3. Look past the Issues

Some topics tend to make one angry as a result of discrepancies in views and they may include money, politics, religion, sex, parenting, or family drama.

The reason for the anger could be as a result of our reactions to the subject matter, and not the subject matter.

So in other to curb snapping, we should look past the issues and be reasonable and realistic in our views and then present them amicably. The way we handle these issues has a great impact on our relationships.

4. Think before you speak

This is the most important step in quitting the habit of snapping at your partner because, in that moment of intense emotions and outbursts, you may not have control over what you say.

You may unintentionally hurt the person that matters the most in your life and then you regret it. So the next time situation gets messy, do not try to vent or pour out the venom in your mouth, calm yourself and think thoroughly before talking so that you do not end up regretting it.

5. Remove yourself from the situation

Most times excusing yourself from a messy situation to clear your head could be the best remedy.

It doesn’t mean that you should respond that same day, you can politely suspend discussing the issue until you are mentally stable to handle the situation so that you do not escalate the situation.

6. Choose your battles

Learning to choose the battles you fight will go a long way to help you stop snapping. If you get triggered by everything, then snapping would become your second name, so you should know what is worth attending to and what is worth ignoring.

If you can learn to put your energy into resolving more serious problems and letting go of superficial annoyances, then snapping at your partner can be kept at bay and would soon become a thing of the past over time.

7. Exercise

Research has shown that regular exercise can be therapeutic in anger management, so the next time you are on the verge of giving in to your intense emotions; you can excuse yourself politely and do some exercises.

Running can do the magic and it also gives you ample time to think through the situation and the best answer to give.

Exercising helps you put a grip on yourself and have firm control of your emotions and remember if you can’t run, you can take a stroll as well to help clear your mind.

8. Try to find humor

A sense of humor can placate a messy situation; remember that your partner is responsible for their statement while you are responsible for your interpretation.

Try adding positivity to things and you will see that snapping will be kept at bay and remember that a good sense of humor can light up your day and the messy situation.

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We hope this article has given an in-depth knowledge to answer the question of how to stop snapping at my partner.

True there would be situations that may be messy in your lives as a couple and you may need more than a moment to deal with it reasonably and abiding by the wonderful rules mentioned above would help douse the tension.

You can learn to stop snapping gradually, it must not end at a time, but through constant practice, snapping at your partner could become a thing of the past.

In those moments of intense emotions, remember to think through your response because while you may be expressing your emotions, you may hurt your partner, and do not forget to do things that make you happy so that you can deal with the heat.

Also, remember the more preoccupied your mind is with other things, the more insignificant your anger will become.