How To Trap A Guy Into Getting You Pregnant

Having a child you can call your own is one of the joys of every woman and what can be more beautiful when the baby is fathered by a man or guy you love and want to be with.

Sometimes you could be in a relationship with a man you are head over heels in love with and he doesn’t share in your dreams of having a baby, you can’t help but start thinking about how to trap him into getting you pregnant.

If you are really in a relationship and you desire a child but your partner is hesitant then don’t worry.

In this article, we discuss the topic of how to trap a guy into getting you pregnant, we also share with you tips on how to talk with your partner about having a baby and also the consequences of trapping him against his wish.

How Does A Man Get A Woman Pregnant?

A man gets a woman pregnant when his genetic fluid fertilizes the ovum or egg of his partner in the fallopian tube of his partner.

The eggs are released from the ovaries into the oviduct or fallopian tube on the ovulation day of every woman and the egg lasts for only 24 hours.

So if you want sexual intimacy to lead to pregnancy, then you should be conversant with your cycle and know your ovulation period

The genetic fluid must be introduced into the body of a woman and most times during sex, the released fluid then finds its way to the fallopian tube where the eggs will be waiting for fertilization and if the eggs have not been released the genetic fluid will lie in wait for it.

The Desire Of Having A Baby


The desire to have a baby is more pronounced in females than their masculine counterparts and sometimes due to the fear of menopause and sometimes because they are in a stable loving relationship and wants their child to be fathered by their partner.

Sometimes there may be no explicit reason for the longing of a child. Some women may want a child just to experience motherhood.

If You Want A Child, and He Doesn’t

Sometimes the male partner may not be ready for the arrival of a child for reasons best known to him and this may cause issues in the relationship.

That should never be the case, a dialogue on why each has a different opinion should hold and then be analyzed with love so that the best decision can be taken.

Having a rift in your relationship because your partner isn’t ready is not the best way to go about it. Since you both love each other, and with the love you two share, you should treat the problem with patience and understanding.

Reasons Why He May Not Want To Have a Baby Now

Here are the most common reasons why your boyfriend/partner does not want children.

  1. He is not mentally ready to have a child. Your partner is too emotional, broke, scared of commitment, and still wants to have more fun.
  2. He is not mature enough to become a dad yet.
  3. He does not want you (the girlfriend/partner) to be the mother of his children.
  4. He feels having a child might be too early for the relationship.
  5. He is afraid, especially if he is the first child in his family.
  6. Your partner is maybe jealous of your attention. He may feel that when you both have a baby now, he might be put to the side, with all the attention going to the baby.

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How To Talk With Your Guy About Having A Baby

The arrival of a newborn is a wonderful moment in every couple’s life. Before planning on trapping your partner into getting you pregnant, you must make sure that you and your partner feel comfortable in your relationship. Here are tips on how to discuss the topic with your partner.

  • Express your desire to your partner: Make him understand that the arrival of a child is not a fad, but a good step in the right direction of the relationship.
  • Avoid putting pressure on him: First, pay attention and hear his reasons why he does not want a child now. If his reason is that he doesn’t want a child with you, then you better have a rethink about the relationship.
  • Discuss childhood experience with your partner: Share with him those fun childhood experiences you had growing up, and what it feels like having a child around.
  • Hang out with your partner to places where there are children: Hanging out with your partner around friends who have children may help your cause. But don’t all of a sudden change the conversation into “I want a child”.

Remember, the most pleasant thing is welcoming a child you and your partner want! A lot of women think too much about having a baby, even when their partners don’t want one or aren’t ready. Many of these women are often unaware of why they feel this way.

How To Trap a Guy Into Getting You Pregnant

trapping a guy

Now we are in the section where we will be discussing how to trap a guy into getting you pregnant, here are few things that you can do to trap a man into getting you pregnant.

Skip Taking Contraceptives

This is an effective way of getting a guy to impregnate you but before you do this you must have earned his trust.

No man would want to father a child when he is not ready and he would want the sex to be protected. Your guy may stop using the latex when he discovers that both of you are medically okay and he is sure that you are on contraceptives.

Once you have earned his trust, then strike with your plan. Stop taking your pills and have sex with him during your ovulation period and claim that you don’t know how it happened and resist the option of abortion.

Tamper With Protection  

Once you have earned his trust, you can tamper with protection especially if you are the one that slips his protection wears on.

You can cause a tear in the protection wears and he wouldn’t notice and then you blame the company for low quality. But be sure to carry out this during your fertile day.

Leverage on the Influence of Alcohol

The influence of alcohol cannot be overemphasized. You can have your guy have sex with you without protection while he is tipsy and once pregnancy result comes tell him that you are keeping your baby.

Use Emotional Blackmail

This is a very dangerous and effective tool but you must be very smart to leverage it because using this tool means that you must make yourself his only succor.

His world is centered on you and he listens to you and will do anything humanly possible to be with you.

Once you have achieved this and gotten to the stage where he is emotionally dependent on, then you can trap him into getting you pregnant.

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The Consequences of Trapping a Guy

Karma exists and like the saying goes what goes around will surely come around. Morally it is unethical to make someone a father against his wish and it may backfire someday.

Hence, we strongly advise against using any of the above strategies to trap your partner especially if his not ready yet.

Importantly too, this article can be an eye-opener for a lot of guys who get stuck in such relationships where they are kept therein through such strategy.

In the end, trapping someone into getting you pregnant may satisfy your selfish gains but it’s not worth it.

Come on girl! The right person for you will stay and eventually find a way to be with you. You don’t need to trick someone into getting you pregnant.  The right person will gladly do.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Guy Know If He Got You Pregnant?

Naturally, it is easier for a woman to know who the father of her unborn child is, but in the case of the guy, it may be a bit difficult, unless he knows your cycle and follows your ovulation period.

Or he can trace the age of the pregnancy to know if there was sexual intimacy between the both of you as of the time the pregnancy resulted.

Is It Easy To Get Someone Pregnant?

All things being equal it is easier to get a woman pregnant but sometimes there could be factors that may hinder fertilization.

The health of the partners involved is an underlying factor. A man with dead or immotile genetic fluid cannot get a woman pregnant.

The pH of the female reproductive is also a factor that determines if the man’s genetic fluid can survive in her.

Also if a woman is using contraceptives then pregnancy may be difficult because contraceptives are aimed at preventing pregnancies.

Then if a woman is not in her fertile days, pregnancies cannot result because that is the number one prerequisite to pregnancy occurring.

What Age Are Men Most Fertile?

Men are most fertile when they’re younger than 40. Men older than 40 years have fewer healthy genetic fluids than younger ones.

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I am sure that your question on how to trap a guy into getting you pregnant has been answered and I believe that you have learned a couple of things aside from the strategies to adopt in getting a guy to get you pregnant.

But remember karma is real and what goes around definitely will come around. Don’t force anything, allow them to happen at their pace and you will be happy in life.